I am pleased to announce, I have joined Clear Impact as a Senior Consultant.  Clear Impact formally know as The Results Leadership Group is "The Nation's Leading Results-Based Accountability™ Resource". For more information about Clear Impact please visit www.clearimpact.com  To contact me please email me at dan@clearimpact.com

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Asset-Based Community Development

Asset-Based Community Development, pioneered by John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann of the ABCD Institute at Northwestern University, provides the principles and tools necessary to unlock the full range of assets and resources in a neighborhood or community. ABCD also provides a framework to help institutions be more successful by stepping back to create space for resident action and only provide those services that cannot be provided by the residents themselves.


Results-Based Accountability

The Results-Based Accountability structure, as developed by Mark Friedman, author and director of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, can help identify a common community agenda and, at the same time, build a culture of measurement and shared accountability.

RBA identifies quality-of-life conditions (population results) and the corresponding measures or indicators required to track their achievement, as well as the performance measures necessary to track and improve the performance of programs and agencies.


Collective Impact

Effective community change efforts in today’s world requires communities, neighborhoods and their residents, along with institutions to be involved as co-produces of their own and their community’s well-being. The two complementary approaches of ABCD and RBA coupled with a collective impact framework can help create powerful community partnerships to build healthier, safer and stronger neighborhoods and communities.

Community-Based Consulting and Training for Greater Collective Impact

Results-Based Accountability™ provides a process to define an initiative's common purpose and effectively collect and track data to ensure results and accountability.  Asset-Based Community Development provides a framework for enhancing community engagement and co-production. Used together ABCD and RBA provide a platform to develop the community-based relationships and trust necessary for true collective impact.

H. Daniels Duncan Consulting can help your organization achieve greater collective impact and results through the power of ABCD and RBA

What are people saying about Dan's consulting and training?

Lori Bable, Neighborhood Engagement Manager, HFHT

Lori Bable, Neighborhood Engagement Manager, HFHT

“Dan's ABCD training not only gave me hope that concerned citizens really can effect change but also inspired me to become an agent for facilitating change in my community.”

John McKnight & Jody Kretzmamnn

John McKnight & Jody Kretzmamnn

"Dan's work has been uniquely dedicated to helping funders and agencies successfully recognize and unlock the assets and gifts of neighborhoods and their residents."

Mike Green, ABCD Institute faculty  member

Mike Green, ABCD Institute faculty member

"I have known Dan for more than 20 years, as a fellow ABCD Institute faculty member. He has the right mix of skills and experiences to effectively tell the ABCD story and put the principles into action to help neighborhoods, agencies and funders focus on their assets to improve their community."

Nancy Schlegel, Senior VP & CFO, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona,

Nancy Schlegel, Senior VP & CFO, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona,

"Dan is a committed, visionary leader who has dedicated his career to the principles of Asset-Based Community Development. He has a talent for pulling together partners from the non-profit, for-profit and government sectors to work together to successfully build strong communities."

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